Everything you need to know about the copper and metallics trend

Metallics are a cool design trend. When you add them to your home’s decor, they bring any room to life. From the industrial aesthetic to clean-cut golds, this is a trend with great longevity.

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Adding warmth

Copper and golds in particular are great for adding warmth to a room; for example, imagine beautiful white laminate flooring in your living room. On its own it can create quite a cold aesthetic; however, add a copper-legged coffee table and you bring the temperature right up. Copper is so versatile; if you don’t like the idea of incorporating it with a table, why not choose something small such as a vase?

Textures aplenty

While you might not typically associate texture with a lot of metals, hand-crafted copper lends itself particularly well to a range of textures. These are commonly seen in home accessories such as fruit bowls or picture frames, with some really gorgeous ideas out there.

Pewter is another metal that can be great for adding texture. This looks simply stunning with neutral bases, such as pale-toned flooring from stockists such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring/white.html.

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Never goes out of date

Have you ever heard anyone say that metals are out of style? Of course you haven’t – they never have been and never will be. Polished chrome is never going to be something people dismiss as old or outdated. The same goes for all gold colours, which always have and always will represent timeless style.


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