How to Create a Reading Nook for Yourself

Reading nooks are probably the most coveted places for readers. It is the place with utmost comfort and peace where you can transport into different worlds. But reading nooks do not come ready-made, you will have to create one for yourself. Fortunately, you need to hire expensive property refurbishment London companies for this job because making a reading nook in your house is really easy. All you have to do is collect the things and furniture that most comforts you and throw them together in a corner. Here are is a brief guide on how you can make your own reading nook.

Find a Space

Corners of the rooms usually makes the best nooks but you can also choose an open space that feels comfortable to you. The main idea of a reading nook is coziness rather than elaborated elegance. So, don’t worry about it not coordinating with the rest of the interior design. Attic rooms and stairway rooms are also perfect for making your reading nook. Find the place in your bedroom or the whole house that can serve as a reading space. It should at least have enough space to accommodate a sofa.

Select the Furniture

This is the most important part of creating a reading nook since you’ll be spending all of your time sitting on the sofa. A wicker chair was previous suffice but these days, there is large variety of comfortable chairs, lounge, loveseats and sofas available in the market that you won’t have trouble choosing one. Go for the one which supports your whole body, allows you to lie down and feels the coziest. Moreover, the fabric of the seat is also significant, soft cotton will be most ideal for functional point of view but people also like velvet.

Set an Ottoman

You definitely need something to prop your feet on because long hours of reading can get really tiring. Plus, staying in one position for a long time causes cramps and muscle fatigue, which ultimately affects your eye-sight as well. Most people prefer sectional or long sofas but others like to maintain a proper body posture while reading. For this, you need an ottoman. Make sure it is fully cushioned for utmost comfort.

Proper Lighting

Since you will be reading books in your nook for most of the time, it is important that the lighting in your reading nook is proper. Building a nook by the window doesn’t only make an attractive corner but it also allow huge amount of natural sunlight into the nook. This will increase your visibility and out less strain on your eyes. Moreover, you need to pay special attention while buying a reading light.

Book Storage

Rarely, you will take only one book to your reading nook. Avid readers like to surround themselves with all the books they want to read that’s why you require considerable storage space in the reading nook. A small cabinet is ideal but you can also use a coffee table to keep books under it, while you place your favorite cup of tea and cookies on it.





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