How to Drive Sales Through In-Store Floor Display Advertising

In this era of digital and online marketing, many store owners and brand managers seem to have forgotten the low-tech display advertising that has been the hallmark of retail marketing. However, according to marketing experts, the low-tech display advertising at the store has a high impact on the purchase behavior of your clients. Given the high competition from alternative and similar products, it is ideal to bring the message where they are making the purchase decision-at the stores. 

Some of the commonest in-store advertising tools include retail floor display, merchandising displays and window display among others. Here are a few tips on ways to drive sales by the use of retail floor advertising displays. 

Placement is key 

The message should be positioned in such a way that it catches the target audience’s attention at the moment he or she is deciding on what item to buy. Ideally, the display should be a few feet or just adjacent to the product. If placed near the entrance, there are chances the customers will have forgotten about it when they reach the shelves.

It should be compelling 

Generic advertising is not likely to produce any results at the stores. The display should contain a message that immediately spurs interest in buying the product. The message is brought about by the combination of images and text. 

Life-sized floor displays give the customer a chance to envision the brand in their own life. It could be images of famous people using the brand, cartoon characters or a large sized product. Include a short text message that tells the customer why he or she should pick the product in line with the ideals of the brand. 

Customers have only a few seconds to grab the message. Therefore, do not include a long list of benefits and offers. Develop a short but powerful message that customers with pick and act. It is more of an elevator pitch to the customer. 


If you are selling a seasonal product such as Halloween costumes, Christmas gifts or thanksgiving gifts, get your prospects to think of the offer long before the season. It is hard to stand out when every other brand is marketing the seasonal products. Create an offer a month or so to the particular season and start marketing the products through the cardboard floor displays. Many decisions are made long before the actual season starts. 

3D images look real 

Today’s technology allows for 3D-printing on a 2D platform such as the cardboard. Make your ads look real by going 3D. Images can be carefully cut such that human figures and products look real. This effect is compelling and drives your message home as it mirrors a situation where the customer could be using the brand. 

Floor displays are cheap and take up little retail store space. Brands can change messages from time to time without a high advertising budget. Sending the message at the point where the customer makes the buying decision is an effective way to influence the decision in favor of the brand.


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