The 5 Most Profitable Plants for Your Nursery Business

Humans originated from the earth a long time ago. We are currently living in what is called the ‘Space Age’ and have plans ranging from visiting Mars to colonizing the universe.

As grandiose as the ideas may be, humans as a species have not forgotten how we have arrived. One could even say that this connection to the earth is celebrated each and every day all over the world.

This tendency of yearning for a connection to our earth can be observed almost everywhere. One of the best places where it can be seen is the way people yearn to enjoy the natural and scenic landscape. Likewise, it is not uncommon for people to appreciate and praise the beauty of landscape photographs. Despite them not being the real thing in life, they’re still gazed at with joy and wonder.

One of the best ways this yearning can be observed is in the way people maintain their own gardens. It is today very common for people to maintain their own gardens and have their own little slice of Eden. After all, what better way to reconnect with nature than having a small piece of it right in your own backyard?

As a result of this, there is today a steadily growing demand for their own slice of nature, from which some have sought to capitalize and turn a profit. If you happen to be one of the many planning on starting a nursery business, there will always be one important question in mind: which species of plants are likely to sell the most and likely to be the most profitable?

While there isn’t any conclusive answer to the above question, there are some plant species which tend to have a higher demand.

Given in the list below are the 5 most profitable plants for your nursery business.

1.) Landscaping Grasses  

Grasses are species of plants belonging to the Poaceae plant family and among the most popular by landscapers.

They are highly sought after due to their ability to cover enormous stretches of land within a very short time. This fast growth will prove to be an advantage when it comes to selling them.

It is especially popular with people who own vast estates, which are usually landscaped for achieving an aesthetic and green look.

2.) Orchids

Orchids are a species of flowering plants which belong to the Orchidaceae family.

They are probably some of the most color additions to gardens that one can have. Given that there are numerous species to choose from, each with their own unique shape, color, and form, it is no surprise that people seek them out for beautifying their garden.

About the only major challenge for orchids is that they are a little difficult to care for. But this doesn’t seem to be a problem for the many people who actively seek out these colorful jewels of nature. They usually see the hassles as a good trade off for the myriad of colors they get in return.

3.) Cacti

Cacti are various species of plants found in arid and semi-arid regions of the world, belonging to the Cactaceae family.

One of the reasons why they are popular is because of their unique appearance, low-maintenance, and generally a low requirement for water.

In addition to this, they also come in a variety of shapes and forms, making them suitable to both indoor and outdoor landscaping. Some of the cacti are excellent as desktop plants because of their miniature sizes.

4.) Bamboos   

Bamboos belong to the same family as ornamental grasses, i.e. Poaceae, and are very popular among hobbyists. They are essentially tall grasses and grows several feet high.

One of the biggest reasons for their profitability is their terrific growth rate, which in some species can reach several feet a day.

Another interesting fact that makes bamboos attractive plants is their overall level of maintenance and ease of cultivation. Other than watering them, there is not much aftercare that is necessary for bamboo plants.

It should also be added that bamboos are edible, particularly the young shoots, and considered a delicacy in parts of eastern Asia.

5.) Crotons

Crotons are a species of plants belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. Crotons in general are perhaps one of the most popular ornamental plants which one can find in the natural world.

One of the main reasons that they have become so popular is the assorted variety of colors that their leaves come in. Just like in the case of orchids which come in a variety of amazing colors, the same is true for Crotons which have colorful leaves instead of flowers.

Furthermore, they are fairly low on maintenance, making them ideal for those who don’t have much time to spare for gardening.

As a whole, it should also be added that there are a lot more plants than the above five which that have the potential for churning out a profit.

At the same time, one should also remember that the demand isn’t going to be the same everywhere. On the contrary, there will be variations due to a variety of things such as preferences, seasons, culture, customs, local weather, climatic conditions, etc. It is always best to do a thorough market research first before entering into a plant business, to make sure you have the right equipment, to know how to keep your inventory, etc. This is something which applies equally when considering a nursery – which is a starting point for making some greens from greens.



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