The ideal solar panel for your organization

If you have decided to fix a solar panel for your organization then it is best that you first know the types of commercial solar energy systems available so you can make the right choice.

You might need a rooftop solar panel or maybe a ground mounted solar energy system is much more suitable for you or maybe solar carports. Who knows?

Let’s discuss all of these one by one.

Rooftop solar energy systems                                       

Rooftop solar panels are the most widely used commercial solar energy system. It is preferred by most organizations as it is the quickest and easiest to setup when you have plenty of sunny roof space available to you.

The rooftop solar panel can either be attached or physically secured to your roof, or the solar panel can just rely on the weight of the installed system to hold itself in place.

The things to keep in mind when considering a rooftop solar energy system are:

  • Know matter how much roof space you have, it is worth nothing if it does not get enough sunlight.
  • Is your roof strong enough to hold the weight of the solar panel?
  • Is your roof construction ideal for a rooftop solar panel?

If your roof is the ideal place for the solar panel then there is an added benefit – the panels installed on the roof provide extra insulation to the building making cooling in summers cheaper. They also protect your roof from any kind of harmful UV rays.

You can also consider a rooftop solar panel if you are planning to construct a new roof. It is the ideal time to do so.

Ground-mounted solar energy systems

If there is not enough space on the roof to accommodate a solar panel system large enough to fulfill the energy needs of your organization then ground-mounted solar panels make a good alternative.

If you have enough land space available, then ground-mounted solar energy systems are also quite easy to build and maintain, plus they help you make optimum use of the unused land.

This solar energy system basically consists of racks anchored to the ground, supporting a large number of solar panels. Usually, the racks are attached to steel beams which have been driven straight into the ground.

However, if there are large rocks or debris in the soil making the ground conditions unsuited for beams, other anchoring methods are also available. Helical piles, ground screws or concrete blocks can be used. Your solar panel provider can help you determine the best method to be used for mounting the racks.

When you choose the location for your ground-mounted solar energy system, you need to ensure that the location will not be hindering any future construction plans.

Commercial solar carports

Solar carports are steel canopies with solar panels mounted directly on top. This type of commercial solar panel system is quite popular with organizations.

They have many benefits – they provide clean, renewable energy, covered parking for employees and customers, significant amount of shade on hot, sunny days and reliable protection from rain and snow.

Even though it is quite expensive in comparison to the rooftop and ground-mounted solar energy systems, still in some cases it is the best option available.

It is an ideal choice for organizations which lack enough roof or open space, or do not have roofs sturdy enough to uphold the solar panel system. For such organizations it is the best way to maximize their energy generating potential and not compromise on existing structures.

Also, solar carports are quite an open statement showing the organization’s commitment to protecting the environment and to show that the organization acknowledges the importance of saving energy.

Majority of organizations installing solar carports, also make use of the opportunity to provide integrated lighting and electric-vehicle charging stations in the solar carports. This provides more convenience and also added security. An excellent way to show the employees that the organization recognizes their value.

But, it is best to consult professionals to help you choose the ideal solar panel system for your organization. To get expert advice and perfect solar panel systems come to Enova Energy, one of the leading energy companies in Edmonton.



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