Things to Know Before Installment of Industrial Air Cooler

In a big space either indoor or outdoor, the industrial evaporative cooler makes the best device to choose to cool the air. Its function is so critical that it easily meets your specific needs. But before you start the installation or even purchasing the device, some things are very important to consider.


Climate around the area is the most important thing to consider. Always remember this one thing, the evaporative air cooler is not designed best for humid areas. Instead, it is designed for areas with dry air. Therefore, make sure to buy this cooler only if you live in dry climate condition. Even if you insist to buy the device despite of the high humidity in your area, the device will not effectively work as you may have expected before. And, it may also not be too long in its life of operation.


Location is where you are going to have the device installed. The cooler has to be installed outside as it works by drawing the outside air in. Most people mount it on the windows or wall. Or, it can also be installed on roofs, in attics or at the ground level to cool the entire building system. Here is another important thing. Make sure to install it in location with regular water supply as it sources on water to keep it working.

Learn Cooler Types

In general, there are two categories of coolers based on its way of work, the direct evaporative coolers and the indirect evaporative coolers. In area with severe dryness, the direct coolers are recommended. Meanwhile, in area with comfortable humidity level, indirect coolers are often chosen.

Categorized as direct coolers, the Aspen Pad Cooler and Cellulose Pad Cooler are widely used in many parts of the world. The aspen pad in particular is more affordable compared to other coolers yet it requires the most maintenance. Its pads are made of wood shavings and synthetic fiber. The pads thickness determines its cost so the thinnest pad becomes the cheapest cooler to afford. The Cellulose pad cooler on the other hand are called honeycomb pads. With 8 -12 inches thick, the device is able to allow higher velocity for the air to move through. The pads are categorized with corrugated pattern to push the water to air inlet side of the pads.

Under indirect evaporative coolers, there are two types of cooler, the two-stage cooler and three-stage cooler. The Two-Stage cooler works with two stage systems at once, direct and indirect. During dry season that requires humidification, the direct system is used. Meanwhile, when air has to be cooled, the indirect is used. The Three-Stage cooler system on other hand includes cooling coil evaporating cooler, direct and indirect.

Water Exchange

It is important to make sure the system’s water doesn’t become too saline by installing the particular bleed-off system so the cooler is infused with fresh water only of as much as 5 additional gallons each hour. At the same time, it also reduces the system maintenance required.


CMH or Cube Meter Hour is used to measure the capacity of the evaporative cooler. For instance, the small cooler system is measured 6000 CMH which is equal to size of a room. Meanwhile, the size of whole house unit is equal to at least 25.000 CMH. To do the calculation, ask the seller or agent to handle it for you. After you have figured out the size, pick the cooler according to the specific size.


Features are important thing to consider. Here is a tip. Your best choice is an evaporative cooler with vent-only option and multiple fan speeds. This kind of device allows you to vary its operation according to the ongoing weather. And, the device should also have the quality air filter system in order to keep any pollen, debris and dust away from the home.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is important part to keep the optimal performance of the device. The regular maintenance include regularly chance the cooler pads; and winterize the cooler when it is not in use by turning off water supply connection, cleaning all minerals and first, and hosing out the water pan. Cooler pads have to be changed regularly because minerals and dirt accumulated on the pads can cause rusting to the cooler. As a result, it affects the effectiveness of air cooler device to work.


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