5 Tips to Save Money on Timber Building

Timber framing is an ideal option for many people when it comes to building a house. Timber frame allows a sturdy and well-built structure with amazing visual effects that most people want for their homes. However, timber buildings can be highly expensive and if you don’t plan your budget carefully, it can dry up your financial resources. Planning the budget for your timber house is directly related to the design and layout of your timber building. You will need to make some changes in your plan if you want to save money. The following tips can help you build a timber house under a budget.

Build Vertically

Building horizontally to imitate a cottage or log style is common for people who want a timber framed house. However, building horizontal means more square foot area which in turn means more expenses. But you can reduce these expenses if you built your timber house vertically. Building up allows you to create more living space while keeping the square foot area to minimum. You can also add a basement in your building plan.

Choose Simple Roofline and Rooms

Oddly and uniquely shaped rooflines and room are undoubtedly tempting especially for people who prefer aesthetics to function. But if you consider the overall plan of your timber building, they will cost you the most. Build square or rectangular shaped rooms that are easier to build and keep the roofline to a 90-degree pitch. This will save you a lot in terms of money as well as time. Similarly, you should design simple stairways to reduce the budget. A stairway with no twist or turns requires less man power and is faster to build.

Uncomplicated Plumbing System

Spreading the plumbing system all over the house means extra expenses. It is better to build kitchen, bathroom and laundry room near one another to allow a simple plumbing system that will definitely cost you less. Also, in case of double storey building stacking the bathrooms over each other is a good way to reduce plumbing cost.

Invest in a Good Insulation System

Timber buildings need proper consideration when it comes to insulation, especially timber framed garages. Because garages can serve as a multipurpose room where you can keep your cars and use as storage shed as well as workshop, it requires extra features to make it functional. By investing in a good insulation system, you will be reducing the long term expenses for energy. You should consider green energy alternatives while choosing insulation system for your timber building as well.

Only Build Rooms that are Necessary

Most people make the mistake of adding too many rooms in their houses which have similar functions. One living room is sufficient for a family and you don’t need to add a separate dinning and breakfast room when an eat-in kitchen can do the trick. These additional rooms cost a lot and are usually unnecessary. You should exclude them from your design if you want to save money on timber building.




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