Newtown Pennsylvania

In 1684 Newtown, Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn.  The town was founded to help support farming families on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Many people relied on crops to support their families and make a living. Over the years Newtown has expanded quite a bit but they have strived to keep the small, farming town true to it’s roots.

One thing that has definitely improved is the housing. Many years ago, people built whatever small structure they could afford on their farm earnings. Their homes were not always sealed well and they had many infestations by different creatures inside of their homes. It was not uncommon to come home to a pile of ants in the kitchen, or a mouse burrowed into their baskets of yarn.

Pest control in Newtown

The homes have improved greatly over the years as people have started to make more money and spend a greater amount of time and effort crafting their homes. As an old city, there are many different styles of architecture inside of the city when you look at their homes. The newer homes have done a much better job keeping different small animals out of their homes, but there is still a problem in most homes with pest infestations.

Luckily, there are great pest control companies in Newtown. Pest control companies are able to eradicate even the most difficult pests from inside of your home. There is no reason that you should live in your historic home shared with a plethora of different critters along side of you.

Handing pests in your home

Depending on how bad the infestation is, and what type of critter you have in your home, you may be able to take some small actions to encourage them to live somewhere else. Being sure there are no openings in your walls anywhere is an easy way to keep mice outside of your home, and cleaning up your crumbs after dinner is a great way to encourage ants to live outside. In the case that your infestation is much greater, you may need to consult a Newtown pest control company to come in and assist you in keeping your home a pest free environment for many years to come.



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