Commercial Kitchen Design Secrets

The recipe for world-class commercial kitchen design lies in the details. The little things that give your kitchen its extra polish and keep everything ticking over. The essentials, without which you wouldn’t have a kitchen. At Dawnvale, we specialise in designing and building low energy, theatre style kitchens from the ground up. As a UK leader in the kitchen design industry, we work closely with our clients to create functional commercial kitchens that not only run smoothly but also help drive profits.

No matter how unusual or complex your needs, rest assured, Dawnvale is the only kitchen design company to meet them. You’ll find our designs are bold and innovative, seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology with inspired design. Just ask our clients! If you want a stylish, ergonomic workspace to help improve your output without sacrificing quality, look no further. Join us today as we let loose a few industry secrets to help make your kitchen a successful one. You can learn more about our work at

What’s the Secret?

With years of experience designing and building commercial kitchens under our belts, we know a thing or two about what makes a good kitchen. What sets us apart from other firms is the sheer wealth of our industry knowledge. Kitchen design isn’t just about how it looks or what goes where. It’s about shaping the way your kitchen operates and how it serves your needs. With the ideal kitchen comes greater efficiency, and with greater efficiency comes greater profit.

Our pro-active approach to design involves working closely with you to learn how best we can serve you. For instance, a small restaurant with limited accommodation and a small menu would require a more focused kitchen design, with areas that serve multiple functions. Whereas, a hotel restaurant with a large menu that serves hundreds of guests may require something broader in scope. A kitchen isn’t something with which to make do. It should revolve around your needs and provide workspace in which to meet those needs.

Menu and Food Requirements

At the heart of a successful restaurant is the food. But without the perfect kitchen in which to prepare your menu, no matter how talented your chef, prepare to fail. Whether you have reams of experience or are opening your first restaurant, take our advice, and decide on your menu first. This helps us as we can build around your needs. Remember, the food you want to serve determines the equipment you need. Moreover, your menu also affects your required kitchen size, floorplan, as well as numerous other design features. Start with the food and go from there.

Equipment and Space Planning

Once we know your menu, we can help you source and install the right equipment. The average kitchen requires multiple ovens equipped with hobs and grills, alongside microwaves, areas equipped with heat lamps, and separate stations for different food types. Raw meat should stay away from cooked, while there should be separate stations for preparing soups, salads, and desserts. Whether you require walk-in refrigeration or free-standing cold storage depends on the space available to you as much as it does the food you serve. Depending on your kitchen size, some areas may overlap as a necessity, while others you may have to sacrifice for the good of the whole.


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