Custom Oil Paintings: A pleasure to eyes

Oil paintings in themselves are glimmering masterpieces and having them custom-made is another accomplishment. You might or might not have an affection towards the paintings, but surely the beauty and grace of your personalised custom made paintings attracts you. Though the digitised paintings have evolved and are known for the perfection, the delicacy and elegance, and the resourcefulness of artistic work in the hand-made paintings take them beyond comparison.

You cannot get your eyes off a painting beautifully done. The more you look at it, the more you discover. That is its beauty. Here are the reasons which will make you fall in love with the Custom Oil Paintings:

  1. Recreated by veterans and expert artists
    A thing about the artists is that they don’t just create a picture, they try to indulge the personality, environment, and emotions in it. Paintings speak more than photographs. It involves much of time and thinking. The paintings by the artists, being human, are bound to carry flaws, which indeed are a hallmark of originality and authenticity. Sometimes these so-called flaws give the required artistic touch to the picture. The painting resembles the innate exemplary skills of the artist.
  2. Custom prospects
    The experts can provide you exactly what you need. Whether you need your head on some legendary person’s body or you want a different background or any other alteration in your imagination, you can get it done. You can convey your expectations and discuss your ideas, and the artist will reflect them in the painting.
    Also, there are multiple sizes and frame options available to suit the area-of-display.
  3. Quality reproduction
    You can ask for a mesmerising reproduction of the masterpieces you love, like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali as well as other marvels from Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso etc. or any other painting of your choice. The recreations are excellent and looks attractive.
  4. Unique and Attractive
    Photos and Selfies are very popular nowadays. They have become quite a common thing. There is usually no different and attracting element about them (naturally, the minor exceptions follow) that makes them recognisable. Oil painting, on the other hand, looks an outstanding entity. A painting hanging on a wall snatches everybody’s eyes.

Custom Oil Paintings are very different regarding care and use than digitally printed paintings. Having a digital print enlarged on a canvas can create some allure, but doesn’t really give you the joy, excitement and satisfaction a hand-made painting can provide. Both of them require a different amount of attention. Caring for and framing a painting done by hand is much different than caring and framing a digital print. Latter is quite easy and effortless; however, the former requires a bit more attention to detail.

Custom/handmade oil painting requires a higher level of care and detail than compared to the regular photos. Oil paintings take a day or two to dry out to a level that the paint doesn’t start to flow under the influence of the gravity and leave the pores on the canvas. However, it is only after years and decades that an oil painting can be said to be completely dry so that even when it comes to the contact of water, it doesn’t spill, and it is free from smudging.

This is not the case with digital paintings. Digital painting can be touched immediately after printing (without spoiling it). Hence, the oil paintings have to be allowed to breathe.

The above property increases the life of an oil painting. An oil painting made from your picture will last for centuries (if appropriately preserved, millennials or more). It can be handed down through your family for generations to come. Unlike as in the case of photographs, the future generations will still be proud to display the paintings symbolising your family’s fine art.

The demands of Custom Oil Painting have just begun. The market, in future, will nourish impeccably.

So are you thinking to get one for your own or to gift it to your loved one? Go get it.


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