Portable Solar Batteries and Their Benefits

Present day man is completely dependent on power for almost all the activities of day to day life. That power may be hydro, thermalor any other form of energy. The demand for such types of energies is growing day by day but the resources of those energies are exhausting at the same rate.

Solar power systems are the best solution for this as the source of solar energy is non-exhaustible. With solarenergy, we can create unlimited energy which is clean and safe also.  But the problem is we don’t get solar energy during nights and also we won’t get it every day throughout the year. To overcome this problem we need best solar power systems like portable solar batteries, solar generators etc.

Solar Battery

A solar battery is a battery in which solar panels are charged with solar energy. They convert the AC energy produced by solar panels and store it as DC energy for further use. Somesolar batteries have inverter also, that can offer integrated energy conversion. If the battery capacity is more, it can store more energy.

Considering battery technology is vital while choosing a solar battery along with other factors like cost, installation factors, and maintenance. The various solar battery technologies are

Lead acid: This technology has been used for decades in solar energy systems.It is reliable with deep-cycle and mostly used in off-grid applications.Its cost is far less than lithium-ion. Proper disposal of these types of batteries is a must as they are toxic.

Lithium-ion: Batteries with Lithium-ion technology are the very common type of storage technology, irrespective of application it is used. They are very expensive when compared to lead-acid batteries.They can use either inorganic or organic cell. Organic cells don’t have any toxins while inorganiccells are toxic and are very difficult to dispose of.

Flow Batteries: These are the emerging storage options for energy. They are non-toxic and can be recycled for further use.

Nickel Cadmium: These technology batteries don’t have energy density but have long-life and are more reliable. It is hazardous and many countries limited its usage.

Benefits of using portable solar batteries:

The portable solar batteries are very useful. They can be carried anywhere including camping and caravans. They are also very useful in emergency times like power failures.

Here are the benefits of portable solar batteries:

  1. Easy to Carry: These batteries are easy to carry and easy to assemble. They don’t have any hassle of wires. They will be the traveler’s best companions.
  2. Best and Reliable Source of Energy: These portable batteries can be the reliable source of energy. Calculate the energy requirement before choosing a battery. Select a battery that suits your requirement so as to avoid the problem of overload.
  3. Good For The Environment: These batteries are environmental friendly as they release very less or no toxins to the environment.
  4. Cost Effective: Installing a solar panel or purchasing a solar battery may be expensive. But they won’t need any further fuel cost. Their maintenance cost is also less. And many batteries nowadays are water and dust proof.
  5. Emergency: They are very much useful in times of emergency for power.


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