Water storage tanks – usage and types

Water storage tanks come in varieties of shapes and sizes and they can be used for storing a lot of different types of water. Considering the type of the liquid stored inside, they are made from a different materials, in order to keep the liquidity inside, and be safe for the environment.

What are they used for?

Their usage has a varieties of options, they can be used in the bigger industries, as well as for the private usage. At home, they can serve you excellent when doing many duties, as well as watering the garden without the need of putting a smaller amount of water in bottles. Also, some of the companies are purchasing them in order to keep the people and the facilities safe from fire. In a specialized one the drinking water is stored, but those types are strictly made by following several keys, in order to keep the water safe for drinking. Also, they are great when considering to store a water for washing or flushing the toilet.

Which are their sizes?

When considering the size of the water tanks, they can be purchased in a several types. Usually, the size is made assuming the needs, so that they are made customized, in order to store as much as water as you need when finishing the chores. Also, many people decide to choose the size of a tank considering the seasons, so it depends from how rainy the place is.

Which types can you chose from?

Moreover, there are tanks buried into the ground, tanks which are under the ground and the ones that are made above the ground. The first type is mostly plastic and within it you can store only water for watering plants. They don’t last longer assuming their material, but they are cheap enough considering their usage. On the other hand, the ones above your house are made when building your ground. When it comes to the type which is placed above the ground, we are considering it as the most practical one.

The last type, installed above the ground can be made from several materials, such as plastic and metal. The plastic type can be small and have a lot of shapes, made well for your personal needs.

While the steel water tanks are bigger tanks which are used in many industries mostly, but they can still be excellent in a customized size for a personal usage. And if you want to learn more over each type and the safety of the materials, you can do it by following this guide. Most of them are made with a lot of awareness over the quality of the material, following many standards in order not to make harm to the environment, keep the water for drinking safe, keep the nature in a good condition, since the mixture of material is made in order to last longer, and keep a certain types of liquids in.

The durability of the materials

Most of the prices of the tanks are made considering the material of which they are made of, while it is followed by the material you will want to store inside. Most of the materials are made to last up to ten years without the need of certain reparations after they are installed, while the ones made from steal, can last even longer than that. When it comes to its reparation, mostly, you won’t need any, but in some cases, if you want to expand its capacity, there are certain types of tanks which allow you to get an extension very quickly after you’ve contacted a professional to do the job. But when considering an extension, be aware among the material which was used when making your tank, since some of the types can be repaired easy, while the others may cost you a new one during the process of extension.


The water storage tanks have several usages and materials from which they are made. When choosing the best type for a personal usage, it is very important that you are considering its shape and size, followed by your need. But when it comes to purchasing one for your company, you should be well aware over many things before you order one.


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