Why Homeowners Choose Cedar Shake Siding

Homeowners who love their homes to have a rustic look use cedar shake siding. Cedar resists warping, insect damage and rot, and therefore makes ideal sidings. Shake sidings are made up of cedar that is cut into small pieces and attached to the exterior walls of a house, in a typical shingle formation. This can enhance the rustic look of your house.

Cedar shakes are pieces of wood that are “wedge-shaped” and are vertically installed in rows. The face of a cedar shake is not sawed but split. However, there are some manufacturers who offer both types. The split cedar shake is traditional. “Splitting” emphasizes and enhances the grooves and the overall appearance of the shingle. The “sawed” face is not so rough.

Though there are plenty of options when one considers sidings for the exterior of one’s house like masonite sidings, vinyl log sidings, concrete sidings and plywood sidings, it is easy to see that cedar shake siding has some clear benefits as compared to other types.

These sidings resist warping which is extremely common with many wood products. Cedar does not warp, cup or split as easily as other woods.

Cedar has oil in the wood that is an insect repellent and that is very powerful.

The Cedar oil prevents rotting in the wood and makes the wood ideal for use in areas like spas where humidity is high.

Since many homeowners have to work around a budget, grades are introduced in order to keep consumers informed as to which grade is the best and which is the most expensive. Grade A cedar is more expensive than the other grades. Grade B is considered aesthetically appropriate. Cedar shake siding is also classified by its appearance:

Clear siding: This has a smooth and uniform look with few knots. The Grade A – clear heartwood cedar siding costs the most. Grade B is also good for exterior wall use.

Knotty siding: This type is generally liked by most homeowners. The select knotty siding has small knots and has high stability. Other types that have larger sized knots though aesthetically preferred may have problems regarding stability.

This type of cedar shake siding is an exterior finish that is excellent for many homes. However, the labor involved in getting it installed is far more than other siding options like Masonite sidings, concrete sidings and vinyl log sidings. Moreover, these types of sidings cannot be installed by you and needs a trained, experienced contractor to do the job well. Your home may also need other renovations on the exterior before installation of the sidings. There is no real substitute to cedar shake siding when it comes to adding a rustic elegance and authentic look to your home. One has to note that with time, the beautiful gold and brown hues of cedar siding fade to a soft gray color. These sidings are very appealing on account of the natural wood texture, smooth and rich colors, and the fragrant subtle aroma the shingles have.

It goes without saying that another advantage of cedar siding is “durability”. Its natural oil discourages mildew and mold as well as resists insects. With the right maintenance and proper finish, this type of siding will last for many years and age gracefully over time.

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