Why You Should Invest In A Ducted Reverse Cycling Air Conditioner

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Many of us would be unable to survive without an air conditioner in our home. When those hot Aussie days come around, sometimes you can’t do anything else but retreat inside to the cooled rooms of your house.

If you’re looking to invest in a new home air conditioner, or upgrade your current one, then you should be considering a ducted reverse cycling air conditioner. We’ve listed our top reasons why this is a superior system for your home.

It heats and cools

With a reverse cycling air conditioner, the system will not only cool your house, but warm it as well. This means you don’t need to invest in two separate systems as this one does both. It also means that when winter rolls around, you can easily warm up your house without the need for an electric heater.

It’s a whole house solution

The fantastic benefit of a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is that it heats and cools the entire house. Unlike a traditional reverse cycling air conditioner that will only do one room, a ducted system pumps the air through ducts or vents in your home, creating an entire home solution. No longer do you need to worry about opening and closing doors behind you to keep the cooled room sealed off, or having the entire family huddling in one room to keep cool.

Easy to control

Most of these air conditioners will come with controls, so it’s easy to control the temperatures and what rooms it works in. This makes it cost effective so that you’re not heating up or cooling down rooms you’re not in. You can also set up timers so that your home is the perfect temperature just when you need it.

No ugly system

With other air conditioners, you need to install the air conditioner on the wall of the room you wish to cool, which can be large, bulky and unsightly. With a ducted air conditioner, the main unit is usually located on the roof, with the hot or cold air fed to the room through ducts. These are of course flat to the wall and aren’t large and ugly. This leaves you with more creative freedom in your home.


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