Let’s talk about plumbing a bit

Let’s talk about plumbing a bit. Human plumbing, not the stuff in your house. When you don’t eat right or drink enough water this can leave you uncomfortable. We won’t go into the specifics of it all, but you can feel sluggish, uncomfortable, and out of sorts. It’s only when you change your diet and start dr8inking copious amounts of water that you can flush properly flush your system to feel better.

Now, let’s talk about your home’s plumbing. The same things can happen. If you don’t take care of the pipes and drains things can get backed up. And this can lead to sewer problems, issues with slow drains and low water pressure, and, in the worst-case scenario, leaks. Plumbing problems can even affect your HVAC unit. If the condensation from your air conditioner can’t drain properly, you start to flood.

This is why it’s so important to consult with companies like Fox Valley Heating and Cooling when you detect a plumbing issue. Though many of these organizations focus on HVAC units, they also have plumbing groups to help you diagnose potential issues. And this is done through a home evaluation.

The evaluation entails a plumbing professional going through the entire house to examine your faucets, drains, and internal pipes. They will look to see if there’s any buildup in the pipes, if minerals from hard water deposits are accumulating on tub surfaces, and if drains are moving as normal. If there are problems, the professional may rank them in importance to fix and provide an estimate of costs.

What you do depends on what is found. Some fixes may be able to be done by you, such as clearing drains or replacing worn faucet washers. Other situations, such as clogged leaks or broken pipes inside or outside the home, might need the services of a plumbing professional. This is particularly true of breaks in the main sewer or water lines. In these situations, smoke tests may be required to determine where the leaks are and if a non-evasive repair is required or a more complicated dig.

Whatever the situation, make sure you get everything in writing before you proceed. In addition, ensure the company will get the job done in the time they said with minimal disruption.


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