Create a Stunning Garden with these 10 Landscaping Ideas

So you want to start gardening, and you want to start it right. You’ve got a bunch of ideas but don’t know if these will work or not. The tools are complete and the day’s weather is perfect for some gardening and landscaping.

Add color and warmth to your outdoor living space. Don’t waste space and start making your home more inviting. The following landscaping ideas will help you create areas where family and friends can relax, sit and just enjoy themselves.

These landscaping ideas both serve as functional and attractive, just enough to boost your imagination. Use these ten landscaping ideas that we are about to give you to create a stunning garden that you will surely cherish.

1. Keep the garden alive with flowers

It’s no secret that flowers make homes appear more welcoming. To decorate your home with colors that will last all year long, choose a variety of annuals and perennials. Some great flowers to greet your guests on the entry are Lily-of-the-Nile, Snapdragon, Petunia and ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ roses.

Adding a low fence in the front yard is also a great way to make your house look farther than it is. Plus, it is a great space to plant vines and flowers. Be sure to give your flowers the treatment they deserve and have pest control when needed. This thought is to ensure your garden grows healthy and beautiful.

2. Don’t forget the driveway

Let’s face it, the driveway can sometimes be tedious and ugly, but by choosing the right plants and tools then creating a stunning landscape, you can hide it. To start with, create a semi-raised lawn island right at the center of the drive. Afterwards, place a low boxwood hedge at the island’s back with all the flowers such as annuals, roses, and perennials.

For a great look, try blending the different colors, heights, and textures. For height, you can use ‘Crystal Fairy’ rose. On the other hand, you can use ‘Butterfly Deep Rose’ pentas for color and lastly, lamb’s ears for texture.

3. Have low-maintenance plants

Choose a resilient and low-maintenance plant for your garden. Crinums are an excellent example. They don’t need any fertilizer, can live through droughts and survive the hot and humid summers.

Over time, they grow into large bulbs which make them indestructible. These lilies are perfect for landscaping as they come in in various colors that will make your garden pop with color.

Now, who wouldn’t want these pretty flowers? This Crinum plant is fragrant and isn’t picky about the soil.

4. Animal-proof Your Garden

Keep animals from gobbling up your flowers. Choose the type of greenery that animal especially a deer finds gross. Research the different flowers that appeal to you but aren’t as appealing to them.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than fixing your destroyed garden. Starting over is not what everyone wants to start reading now.

5. Grow some vines

Vines make everything more romantic especially when you have chosen the flowering types. Wind those green tendrils around your columns and fences. Do a DIY column or any material that vines can grow into to save up on the money.

An excellent vine to use is the clematis. It is one of the showiest and looks superb with any yard. Its flowers come in different colors such as blue, pink, white, purple and red.

Some ideas to grow your vine into are on a trellis, a container or a fence. Letting it ramble over perennials and shrubs give your garden a laissez-faire kind of style.

6. Plant shrubs that bloom

Having bushes can transform a garden, but planting blooming ones give your garden a wow factor. It adds color and makes your yard the envy of your neighbors.

For spring, we highly recommend the Chinese snowball. It is majestic to behold and can grow as tall as 20 feet. As a viburnum type, the plant looks just like a hydrangea.

7. Use planters and baskets

Give your landscape design a boost by adding height using baskets and planters. This feature lets you avoid a one-dimensional model. The added height provides beautiful layers to your yard.

With minimal effort, it creates a visual appeal to your garden. Plus it provides your landscape with different waves of color, falling and rising all over the yard. For a bonus, the plants get aeration and a proper drainage system.

The most recommended guide in basket planting is having three types of flowers in each basket. First is a ‘spiller’ that just like its name spills over the edges of the basket. Second, ‘filler’ that mainly fills in the basket. Lastly is a ‘thriller’ which is eye-catching and tall which will be at the center.

8. Cover outdoor buildings

Outdoor workspaces such as sheds and garages aren’t attractive and don’t fit with your designed landscape. It is better just to hide these structures and make these spaces as another set for displaying your plants and flowers.

By merely adding wooden planks and brackets above doors and windows can do so much. Afterwards, place flowers on top. It boosts the natural ambiance of the place.

To create a perfect complement to the structure and the green space, bring plants nearer to the walls.

9. Extend your living room

Ever wanted a garden paradise just outside your house but don’t know how? By constructing trails, placing vistas, streams and hidden rooms that intersect, you give your landscape an oasis design.

Design the area that is perfect for outdoor gatherings with your family and friends, a place for relaxing and stress relief, and an extension of your living room that’s great for hangouts. You can add a statue, a plant wall, a fountain, a bench or better yet a flower display as centers of attraction or decors in your outdoor space.

10. Enjoy an all-year-round color

Most flowers only bloom on specific seasons so you won’t be able to see that favorite flower of yours all year long. What’s great about this is that you get different blooms each season.

These ten ideas are just some of the great ideas that you can do for your landscaping design if you love to DIY. If you want the perfect landscape but don’t have much time to take care of it, you can ask the help of professionals to provide you stunning views. Houston Landscaping is one such example.


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