Creative Ways To Use Solar Energy In And Around The Home

Solar energy is the wave of the future, and with good reason, there’s nothing quite like using free energy to power your home. Today’s homes are much more likely to take advantage of modern technology. Along with that modern technology, is solar energy.

Solar energy isn’t anything new, in fact, it’s been around for centuries. Early civilizations understood the power of the sun. They used it to heat water, heat their homes and so much more.

Solar Roofs

Many homes today need a new roof. To take advantage of this, they are using solar panels to harness the power of the sun and heat their homes. They are also using this solar energy to cool their homes.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Other uses include heating water for use in the shower, to do laundry, and wash dishes. By elevating a water tank and connecting it to a solar energy source, people are finding virtually free hot water. There are many great benefits to having free hot water. An bonus is that there is no need for a standard style water heater. You can learn more about these here:

Solar Ovens and Cooking

Solar ovens are the wave of the future and will save consumers a lot of money in the long run. There are a wide variety of solar ovens in use today, and many of them are clever designs that consumers make all on their own. All that’s required for a solar oven is:

  • A large box
  • Aluminum foil
  • A rack to place food on
  • And a thermometer that will tell you the temperature of the interior of the oven.

It may take a bit of practice to learn how to cook using solar power. However, the result can save a lot of money and still leave you with delicious baked goods.

Solar Trees

One new and innovative method of utilizing solar power is to purchase a “solar tree”. While this isn’t an actual tree, it certainly looks like one. The added benefit is that it’s collecting solar power and can readily power a solar car or electric car, solar lawn mowers can be recharged here and other solar-powered equipment that is used in and around the home. The “tree” itself will look real and also help to shade the home so most people opt to plant it where the shade will help to keep the home cooler.

Solar Paint

Another innovative type of solar energy is solar paint. Solar paint can be painted on virtually anything and will collect the solar power to be used anywhere in the home. You can use it to run appliances, electronics, and more.

Solar Clothes Dryers

Solar powered clothes dryers are the wave of the future, and we don’t mean the old-fashioned clothesline that grandma relied on.  This is an actual “box” just like your regular clothes dryer; the only difference is that it relies on solar power to dry your clothes.

Sell Excess Power

And, it should be obvious, that the largest benefit of solar power is that you can sell the excess solar power right back to the power company. What a great way to make back some of that money that you’ve had to pay them over the years.


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