Few Ideas About Beach Backsplash in Kitchen of Your Home

Most of the homes constructed by builders often ignore kitchen backsplash. Usually, builders try to cut the expense of the project and hence they end up with painted drywall by giving a number of coatings in order to hide grime and guck. Therefore, most of the house owners often take up “Do It Yourself” project and install beach backsplash in their kitchen.

Let us explore few ideas of beach backsplash, coastal backsplash, beach cottage backsplash or whatever name that you want to give them for such beach glass backsplash background. Some of them are as following:

  • You can start with mixed quartz tiles with raised ceramic starfish. In the background, there will be sea blue and coral patterned tile that will be just above the counter where you are going to work.
  • Next is just mix the gray seascape of the north-eastern shorelines with watery blues that has been taken from cottage of Sarah Richardson. It is indeed a very beautiful cottage.
  • Another idea of cottage style backsplash can be frugal kitchen makeover from Layla and Kevin. It is with gloss bead board to show the style of cottage.
  • You may also consider painting with same color that of cabinets for backsplash by using wide plank of board. You can use 24” X 24” granite floor tile as a stove top backsplash. Give few coatings of polyacrylic on the painted boards to provide extra amount of protection as well, as it will enable you to clean it easily.
  • You can also create colorful focal point in your kitchen by providing soft hues of ocean. Use such tiles that are blended with turquoise color, sea grass and cobalt and ocean white sea-spray with foam.
  • Another simpler idea would be by keeping the backsplash fresh, clean and simple by using aqua glass tiles.
  • If you want to be eco friendly then use your sea shell collections to create an environment of beachy backsplash. However, you must have enough number of shells to accomplish this kind of background.
  • If you are fond of artwork then you can transform your artwork into a customized backsplash. You can create a beautiful scene by using few tiles specially selected for this purpose.
  • Another idea of artwork by using few selected tiles and show your artistic talent for creating backsplash. You may capture certain scene from Nantucket seashore and choose the tiles accordingly to recreate a similar scene.
  • Do you adore sea glass?  If you do then you can use your imagination to create a crafty backsplash made out of sea glass.
  • You can also take any design of a beautiful fabric behind the glass and create a beautiful backsplash for your kitchen.
  • You can use shimmery blue tile of glass as a backsplash where the background color of your kitchen is white. You can also add few blue colors if you like.
  • By using marbles too you can design a stunning backsplash, which would be a wonderful background for your home.


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