How to Choose Carpet for Bedrooms in Your Home

These days, hardwoods and natural stone tiles are popular choices throughout the home, but when it comes to the cozy confines of bedrooms, you hardly want to go with cold, hard surfaces. Knock yourself out with hardwoods in the living room and hallways and stone in the kitchen and bathrooms.

For the bedrooms in your home, turn to lush, plush carpeting to deliver the soft and soothing sensation you need to leave the demands of the day behind and settle into slumber. Here are just a few tips to help you choose the best carpet for the bedrooms in your home.

Whose Room is It?

The occupant of a bedroom can have a huge impact on the product you choose. For example, a neat and clean adult could probably get away with plush, white carpeting in the bedroom, but kids would ruin this expensive option in short order. For that reason, kids’ bedrooms are better outfitted in durable, stain-resistant carpeting in dark colors. Spare yourself expense here, because there’s a good chance you’ll have to replace the carpeting children’s bedrooms much sooner than your own.

Tactile Sensation

The bedroom is traditionally a place of rest and respite, and comfort is the name of the game. You want to create a space that is cozy, inviting, and conducive to relaxation. When choosing carpet for this space, you need to consider how it’s going to feel underfoot. The best options are likely to include plush, cut pile that tends to feel the softest and offer greater durability than products that aren’t as dense.


If the bedrooms in your home are relatively small, including the master bedroom, you might be tempted to lean toward lighter colors for carpeting to make the space look bright, airy, and larger than it actually is. This is common visual trickery, but you might want to save it for the walls and ceiling since lighter carpet is so hard to maintain.

In truth, bedrooms are supposed to feel a bit cozier than other rooms in the house, so even if they’re small, it’s not a bad idea to go with darker shades of carpeting that add an intimate ambiance. What color should you choose? Warm shades of sand are bound to feel comforting (and hide stains), but for bedrooms in particular, soothing shades of blue meet Feng Shui guidelines for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


You can do a lot to make a bedroom look rich without necessarily spending a ton of money on the most expensive carpeting on the market. If you have a lot of square footage to cover or you’re simply working on a tight budget, consider spending a little less on the wall-to-wall carpeting and investing in a few plush thrown rugs where your feet are most likely to touch the floor, like around the bed or near lounge chairs.

Whatever carpeting you choose, make sure to vacuum frequently and call your local service for carpet cleaning Baton Rouge every 6-12 months for a deep cleaning. This will help to keep the luxurious carpeting in your bedrooms looking fresh and feeling plush for the long haul.



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