Know The Kind Of Air Conditioners Best Suitable To Install In Rental Property

Air Conditioners are the appropriate appliances to help you sleep or work comfortably in hot nights and days. The highly advanced AC proves to be quite beneficial product to drive chill away from the room during wintery season. There are multiple types of AC available in global market. Thus the one suiting your requirements and budget needs to be considered while shopping around.

To have AC in rental property may seem an extravagant expenditure for a while however the added benefits of utilising the appliance will prove your earlier thought totally inappropriate. While buying Air Conditioners of advanced inverter technology for rental property multiple factors need to be considered. As there are varied Lloyd models suiting every customer need, renters and landlords doesn’t have to worry about any worthless purchase.

They are:

  • The person paying the bill of purchase. If you need to pay the bill choose the product which can be easily removed when you are vacating the place. The tenant always on move need to buy portable unit.
  • According to rental arrangements need to note whether the landlord or renter is paying the electricity bill. Generally it is the person using the premises pays every bill. It will be beneficial to buy the cooling and heating appliance consuming less energy.
  • The size of the rooms you are utilising needs to be measured. The capacity power of AC and it effects depends largely upon the dimensions of the room.
  • Before purchasing renter need to ask the landlord whether it will be permissible big hole in wall if window space isn’t suitable to install AC appliance. If the answer isn’t favourable, best to select from mounted AC units.

Noting the kind of AC appliances applicable to install in rented property by landlords:

  • Split AC: This kind of AC doesn’t require any duct work as installing the unit is quite easy as the system works efficiently by connecting electric wires and tubing. Contains only two parts, inner and outdoor unit. The former part can be mounted on wall as per preference and the later unit can be kept outside on terrace or balconies. The outdoor unit can be even mounted on outer wall of the building.
  • Duct air conditioning: If you prefer to cool or heat the whole inner premises, then ducting system proves to be beneficial compare to other kinds of heating and cooling system. Installation cost depends upon the number of rooms and the area dimensions. However it is quite cost effective compare to buying well tuner inverter AC appliances for each room.
  • Wall and window AC: Proves to be best if you prefer low cost unit. If tenants need to pay the electricity bill, then it will be best to save money.

Air Conditions best to be bought by tenants:

  • A window wall unit is best if your landlord is paying the electricity bill. As they cost less compare to other newly advanced models of AC.
  • Portable AC: Purchasing cost is less, suitable for confined spaces and installation cost is less. You can carry them whenever there is need to move.


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