Proper location for successful hotels

Location is one of the most significant selection criteria for travelers or tourists while choosing a hotel. It is the location of a hotel that has a big impact on the demand your hotel will generate and therefore determine the price rates for the hotel rooms. So, the site selection process is a very crucial step while start up a new hotel and you should not take it too lightly.

It is very essential to remain objective in the site selection as it is very tempting to get taken away and look at everything trough a colorful glass says Dean Kirkland Vancouver WA, a well-known real estate developer. Because if the location doesn’t work out the way you thought it to be, then you won’t be able to face your financial projections. And that will result your newly launched and expected hotel business in all sorts of trouble. Location has such a powerful impact that your hotel simply stands or falls on the basis of its location.

Some important points to be remembered while choosing location for a new hotel:-

Upcoming Neighborhoods

The neighborhood and the future possibilities of the neighborhood play a significant role in making a hotel running successfully. While selecting a site for your hotel, think very well whether the neighborhood is flourishing with various prosperous businesses and popular residential areas or not, as only that will help you in attracting more guests to your hotel and thus running your hotel successfully. You must remember that it is not the hotels that moved in first, but it is the drive by the residents that generally initiates one area’s popularity and development thereafter. Though, sometimes great hotels might be the catalyst for improving a neglected or underdeveloped neighborhood, but many times it doesn’t work as well. So it will be better avoiding risks and go for a site which has a prosperous and fruitful neighborhood.

The needs of your Clients or Guests:

While selecting a right location for your hotel, then you must keep in your mind that what your clients or guests really want and what will pull them to book your hotel. Some important points to be remembered are as follows –

Proximity to demand generators:  you should check whether the location will provide you the demand generators like tourist attractions, business areas, industrial parks, hospitals, colleges, airport, major cross road for through traffic, etc. Dean Kirkland Vancouver WA makes sure to check all these. Because remember that you customers are not coming for your hotel only, they have other travel motives also.

  • Transportation connectivity: check whether the location has wide roads and whether is connected with the other areas through various public transports such as taxi, metro, trains, buses. You should also find out whether there are subways, walking and bicycle paths or not.
  • Surrounding offering: notice whether the location offers amusement centers like restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

Position in the city:

While selecting the site for your hotel, you must keep in your mind that the location must be such a place, from where it will be very easy to connect with the cream portions of the city. If you are planning to set up your hotel in a tourist spot, then your hotel should be located as near as possible from the famous tourist attractions. This will help to attract more tourists to your hotel.


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