Questions to ask before buying a blender

Are you looking for a perfect blender to buy but do not actually know what type to go for? Then this article may help you get a clear vision before you buy your blender. A blender is always helpful when you are making Smoothies and milkshakes at your home. It also helps you to make soups and purees. The blenders with right features can make every food taste much better. Read this article before going to buy yourself a blender.

What should I spend on buying a blender?

Most blenders cost between $55- $ 130. Also there are some blenders with high quality and super features that might cost more than that. There are certain blenders which can even cost you $ 500. These super premium blenders may cost more but they surely can perform more tasks than regular blenders. Apart from blending they can slow mill grains to make flours and make nut milks. They can even heat up soups. Also the high priced blenders come with more guarantee and longevity. But there are many good blenders in the market that come within the price range of $55 to $ 65 and they have proved to work just great. If you are looking for a high quality BPA-Free plastic jug then you might need to pay more for buying a blender. Best power blenders may cost more but they are worthy of every penny.

Juicer or smoothie maker- which one should I get?

Blenders that are used to make smoothies are called smoothie makers. These smoothie makers are very similar to that of jug blenders but they have a dispensing tap which allows you to pour smoothies from the jug into a glass. But smoothie makers are not widely used now since it has been found that the taps on a smoothie maker clogs easily. But these smoothie makers are better than juicer. A juicer only extracts the juices from fruits and vegetables and it leaves behind most of the nutritious parts. But a smoothie maker uses the whole part of the fruits and vegetables to form a thick mixture which is much healthier.

Which one of this is better – soup maker or blender?

Making a soup in a blender and then transferring the whole mixture into another bowl is messy and is also time consuming. If you need a blender just for the purpose of making soups only then it is advisable to get a soup maker. Blenders which are powerful and speedy produces frictional heat while blending so they can easily make soups.

What to look for in a blender?

Do not go for buying a blender before knowing the features of a best blender.

  • Jug of the blender – Well precisely there are two types of jugs. One is made of plastic and the other one is made of glass. A jug that is made of plastic is lighter but it absorbs odors that can get scratches easily. On the other hand, jugs that are made of glass are sturdier and they look more premium. But these glass jugs are heavier than the plastic ones. But if you are going for a plastic jug then it is always get a high quality BPA-Free Tritan plastic. These are extra strong and light and they almost looks like glass.
  • Dishwasher friendly – Washing a part of a blender can be a tedious job to do. It is always good to get a blender that is dishwasher friendly. Also for the cleaning purpose it is best if the blades can be removed so that it can wash properly.
  • Multiple blending cups – Blenders which comes with additional cups are very useful as one can prepare their smoothies or juices in them and carry them as they are portable.
  • Speed control – A blender gets good control when it has got variable speed setting.
  • Ice crushing facility – The blades of a blender should be powerful enough to crush ice cubes which helps to make cocktails and frozen drinks.
  • Grinding facility– A blender of these days should come with milling or grinding settings. It is useful to grind coffee beans.
  • Tamper – Tamper is an important setting in a blender. It is a stick that is used to push the ingredients towards the blade for a better and smooth result. They make smooth smoothies.
  • Blenders’ lids – These are important as they are used to incorporate a strainer which can filter the remaining lumps.


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