The Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Storage Shed

When it comes to gaining additional storage space outside for your garden implements or other tools a storage shed is a good option. These sheds are available in a variety of different dimensions, materials, and colors. But, before you run off to purchase a new shed there are some things you should know first.

What Permits Do You Need? 

Depending on where you live, you may find that your local municipality requires you to obtain a building permit. Some other legal factors included shed covenants and neighborhood community requirements. It’s very common for there to be specific covenants in a municipality that outline a specific buffer distance between the edge of your property line and where you may build your shed. Depending on how your property is setup, this may alter the maximum size of what your shed may be. Always have a good idea of the legal permits and regulations regarding pre-built sheds for your home before purchasing one.

Define A Clear Purpose 

An outdoor shed that is used as an art studio is going to require different features than a shed used to store garden implements. You should have a clear purpose defined for what the shed will be used for. This will allow you to better identify what options and customizations you need to make to the shed in order for it to be the perfect fit for you.

If your shed is going to be a workshop or studio, you should take your personal requirements into consideration. These requirements include the lighting, ventilation, windows that open, height of the shed, and many others. If your shed is only being used to store the lawnmower and some other yard maintenance implements, a more basic shed can be utilized. This would be a shed with no windows or windows that don’t open, large doors to get the mower in and out, and shelving for gardening implements.

Shed Foundation 

You can’t just set your new shed on the ground as it will sink over time and become an unstable structure. You need to build or have someone else build a foundation for the shed to sit on. In most cases, this can be a simple concrete pad or laying of crushed stone that gets the shed off of the ground. This foundation will help to stabilize the shed, ensure it doesn’t sink too much, and prevent water from entering.

The shed’s foundation is just as important as the foundation of your house. If it’s constructed poorly, it’s not going to turn out too well. You should do some necessary research to ensure that you know how to build the foundation properly. This includes how to level the surface, how much bigger the base should be compared to the dimensions of your shed, and how to avoid low-lying areas of your property.

Picking the right shed for your home requires some upfront knowledge first. You need to take the time to go through the list of items above in detail. Once you have an answer to all these items you will have a better idea of the type of shed that will fit your needs.



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