Things to Decide When Buying a Shower Enclosure

Take a quick look at the bathroom shops online and on the high street and you will quickly see how much range and variety there is in shower enclosures. Gone are the days when you could buy one or two styles of shower enclosure in different sizes. Today you can find a wide range of different types, from wet rooms to shower pods, quadrant showers to frameless shower enclosures.

How do you pick the right shower enclosure for your bathroom? It is important to get this decision right. You will be using your shower every day, probably, and it is important that everyone in the family loves the shower. It should help save you time, and look great in your bathroom. Since bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so too do shower enclosures. Here is a quick guide to the essential factors you need to look at when you are choosing your shower enclosure for a bathroom revamp or a new home.

How to Choose a Shower Enclosure?

First of all, think how you are going to use the shower. Will you use it every day or is it for a second bathroom? Who will be using the shower – children or the elderly? In this case you may need to think about special access features. Do you need a luxury shower or are you looking for a budget model? If you need a self-contained shower, for example, a shower pod is the ideal answer as you don’t need to worry about additional waterproofing.

Once you have looked at your needs and the space you have available you can do the following:

Choose Your Shower Tray

If you need something compact then a quadrant tray is a good option. This allows the shower to be positioned out of the way and in a corner. The curved edge of the quadrant tray is also visually appealing and looks more modern than a square or a rectangular tray. For a larger, luxurious shower you can choose a pentagon tray that will give you more room to relax.

Pick Your Doors

You can find a variety of different doors that fit different shower trays. These include hinged doors and you can also get bi-fold doors that fold into the shower, swinging doors, and sliding doors. Sliding doors are ideal when you want to save space in a small bathroom as you do not have to worry about doors opening out into the room. A bi-fold door is also ideal for a small bathroom space.

Take a look at the different styles of shower enclosure available and work out what will fit, and what will look great, in your room. And have fun choosing!


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