Today’s Top Trends in Home Carpeting

When it comes to keeping your home stylish, it can be a bit hard to keep up. Home goods go through a ton of changes from year to year, and manufacturers often struggle to keep up with the changing trends in color and style. For a homeowner, it’s a bit easier. Starting early in the year, you’ll be able to see the driving forces that will determine what’s in style for home decor, including home carpeting and rugs.

If you’re just starting to decorate a new home or are thinking about changing a specific room in your home with a few new pieces, it’s always a great idea to start with a new carpet. A carpet can set the tone for the entire look and feel of a room, and if you choose wisely, your choice of carpet will see you through a dozen different seasons without going out of style. If you’re anxious to select the right carpet for your home, here are a few tips that will keep you on trend for this year.

Go For Texture

For a few years now, carpets with tons of texture, including knotted fibers, long, thick, woolly strands, and soft pillowy strains have been in demand. There’s something about a carpet that’s large and expansive not only horizontally but vertically as well. Guests in shoes-off households love to dip their toes in a lush, lavish carpet with tons of texture and a luxurious feel, while homeowners can make any room feel instantly cozy and full of warmth by adding a furry, fuzzy carpet. However, there’s one thing to beware of when searching for a thick texture, soft fiber carpet.

If you don’t choose wisely in terms of color and design, you can end up with an unflattering 70s style shag turning your den into a time machine. To avoid this, skew for subtle when it comes to patterns and colors, choosing neutrals over brights and always going to something that’s going to easily blend into the background of a room rather than stand out too much. Also, if you’re someone who deals with allergies, you’ll want to spring for a carpet that has the texture but not the long, fluffy strands. This can be achieved easily with a recycled carpet or another short strand style that plays up the bumpy, edgy feel of a more textured rug.

Heat It Up with Color

Though neutrals are always a timeless choice, today’s homeowners have been going more and more for hot, bright colors to spruce up their dens and living rooms. Choosing hot and warm colors is a great way to bring the light into a room and open up a space without a lot of effort. Whether you’re looking to perk up a dimmer room or give a big open space a bit more character, opting for warmth in your rug choice will go a long way toward changing the atmosphere in your home.

Choose Subtle Patterns

If you’re looking for a rug that’s going to stay elegant through the years while still holding on to a bit of character, opting for patterns over a blank slate can help give your carpet a bit of pop. Not too much pop to make it feel dated in a few years, of course, just enough to give it a bit of personality and create a different kind of ambiance. For instance, a few small, sea-like lines can make all the difference to a neutral-colored rug or grey tone. You can also mix it up with asymmetrical patterns, which have been on-trend for the past few years. Anything that mimics nature is sure to stay elegant and timeless no matter what other changes your room goes through over time. Asymmetrical and unpredictable patterns on neutral tones also have a famously calming effect, bringing a subtle sense of serenity to a smaller room or studio.

Less is More

When choosing your carpet, there’s a lot more to think about than style and color. Your carpet it a part of your home, and that means you need to consider every part of its lifespan from daily maintenance to long-term care to green carpet cleaning options. That’s why it’s important to choose a rug that you really love and know you won’t change your mind about. Usually, this means something that isn’t too showy or loud, and something that won’t lose its quirky charm in a matter of days. Remember, this is a piece of furniture you’ll be spending a lot of time with. If a rug is blending into the background just enough but remains a constant reminder of why you chose it, you’ve made the right decision.


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