What Makes Atlanta, GA the Best City to Live In?

Atlanta, GA is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that is a great place to call home. As one of the country’s major cities, it offers everything that you have come to expect from a world-class metropolis, including dining, shopping and entertainment options, as well as around-the-clock amenities. Here’s what sets Atlanta apart from the rest.

Gorgeous Weather

Atlanta experiences some of the best weather in the country. It is sunny throughout most of the year, but still receives ample rainfall to keep everything looking lush and green. Summers are warm, with temperatures hovering in the 80s from May through September. The winter is short and the climate is mild, with highs usually in the 50s from December to February. The area does experience some humidity, but not enough to be stifling. Because of the moderate temperatures, you can enjoy outdoor activities all year long.

Friendly Neighborhoods

Depending on your personal style and preferences, you have lots to choose from when it comes to neighborhoods in which to live. Atlanta’s Westside is a haven for hipsters and creative types. Its historic buildings have all been expertly restored to create a vibrant community with a focus on artisanal goods and art galleries. Midtown Atlanta is the most diverse neighborhood in the city and is right in the heart of all the action. If you’re looking for excitement and entertainment, this is the area for you. For a more relaxed pace of life, look to Ormewood Park and Glenwood Park. These suburbs on the east side of Atlanta are the perfect places for young professionals or to raise a family, away from the distractions of the city.

Tourist Attractions

Atlanta is filled with tourist attractions to delight residents and visitors alike, so you’ll never be short on things to do with your family and guests. The Georgia Aquarium is one of the top marine life facilities in the world and lets you get up close and personal with all kinds of sea creatures. Atlanta is also the home of Coca-Cola, and you can tour the factory of the iconic beverage. After the 1996 Olympic Games, the city turned Centennial Olympic Park into a gorgeous public space where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll or just relax and soak in the beautiful scenery.

Exciting Sports Culture

For those who love sports, Atlanta is one of the most exciting places to be. Home to NBA, NFL, MLB and MLS teams, the city also hosts a number of colleges and universities. Whether you are a fan of any of the local teams or not, you can’t help but get sucked into the excitement that imbues the city on game day.

Making Your Move to Atlanta, GA

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