Why You Should Know If Your HVAC Unit Uses R-22 Refrigerant?

Most of the air conditioner units in this day and age use two types of refrigerants such as R-22 or R-410A. The units that were manufactured before 2010 should be surely using R-22. If your AC unit was purchased or installed before 2010, your unit might be using R-22 most probably. It is important that you know what your HVAC unit uses as a refrigerant since R-22 is already being phased out. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated the phasing out of R-22 or Freon as early as the first half of last decade. The phasing out will be carried in several stages, and the process is supposed to be completed by the year 2020 – which means you cannot use any unit that contains R-22 after the year of 2020. The phasing out was carried out due to environmental concerns. In fact, R-22 is depleting the ozone layer of the planet. Hence, if you are using an R-22 unit, you are responsible for causing severe damage to the environment.

That is why you need to take immediate steps to replace the entire unit or replace R-22 with R-410A by doing the necessary system upgrades to the existing unit. That is why you need to know if your HVAC unit is using R-22 or the latest refrigerant. The best way to know this is to get a professional HVAC contractor to inspect the unit. In case, you have a unit that was purchased or installed before 2010, the unit should use R-22. This article provides information on why you should know if your AC unit is using R-22 refrigerant.

R-22 is becoming scarce in the United States and many other countries since it is prohibited from being manufactured and imported to the U.S. The production and importation have been phased out already and the final phasing out will be carried out in 2020. The price of R-22 has skyrocketed due to this reason. If you have an old unit that uses R-22, you can still refill such a unit in case there is a leak of gas. But you may have to pay a lot of money to purchase R-22 right now. The suppliers who have stocks of R-22 are taking advantage of the supply and demand metrics to increase the price of the refrigerant unnecessarily. That is why it is important to know if your unit uses R-22 and consider alternative options of replacing the unit or replacing the R-22 gas in the unit with an environmentally friendly refrigerant such as R-410A.

In case your system is using R-22 and there is a refrigerant leak, you may have to spend a fortune to refill the unit. That is why you need to maintain the unit properly in order to prevent gas leaks from it. If you use preventive maintenance and routine tune-ups, you can easily protect the old unit and prolong its lifespan until 2020 – when all R-22 units should be replaced with the new refrigerant. Prolonging the lifespan of your old HVAC unit is the best way to save the stress and financial difficulties you may have to face in case a refrigerant leak occurs.

But all R-22 unit should be replaced or converted to R-410A units by the year 2020. Hence, if you are in a position to spare some money, you should consider investing in an energy-efficient HVAC unit that uses the new refrigerant – R-410A. It is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that doesn’t harm the ozone layer of the planet. If you are not sure of the refrigerant used by your existing HVAC unit, you can always check the label on the compressor unit outside the system. It will clearly show the refrigerant used in the system. Replacing an old R-22 unit with a new R-410A energy-efficient unit is the best thing that you can do right now. Although you may have to invest some money upfront, you can recover the money within no time since these units are quite energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. You are doing your duty towards the environment when you install such a unit in your home or office. That is why you should seriously consider replacing your existing old HVAC unit with a new R-410A energy-saving unit.

R-410A is totally legal and abundant on the market today. On the other hand, it doesn’t contain any ozone-depleting chemicals similar to the R-22 refrigerant. The latest AC units are energy-efficient and will help save on your energy bills over time. In case you are not in a position to replace the entire HVAC system, you can consider replacing the condenser and coil of the unit to use R-410A gas. In fact, you cannot just begin to use R-410A in your old AC unit. There are some changes that should be done to the old system before you can use R-410A in the system. But these changes will nullify the manufacturer’s warranty on your system. R-22 cannot simply be replaced with R-410A gas due to the latter’s higher working pressure. You should make a few changes to the components of the HVAC unit before it can use R-410A. You should replace the R-22 condenser of the unit with R-410A condensers. Also, the coil of the unit should be updated at the same time. Both these upgrades are mandatory in order to provide consistency to the HVAC unit. The proper conversion will allow your HVAC system to function efficiently for several years more. Hence, you should consider either one of these options before the final phasing out date of 2020 approaches.

If you have an HVAC unit in your home or office, you should know if the unit uses R-22 refrigerant. R-22 is being currently phased out due to its environmental concerns. R-22 damages the ozone layer of the planet. Hence, units that use R-22 should be replaced with units that use R-410A – the new environmentally friendly refrigerant – by the year 2020. The above article provides information on why you should know if your existing HVAC unit uses r22 information.



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