Key Considerations For Choosing Your New Kitchen Tap

One of the best parts about renovating or building your own kitchen, is getting to choose your new fixtures and appliances. Of all the things you have to choose, nothing is more important than your kitchen taps. Your kitchen taps are an integral part of your everyday life, so it has to perform its function, and perform it well. And not just the basics either. These days your kitchen taps can add a tonne of functionality and quality of life improvements to your kitchen. It can make the area itself more functional and efficient to work in. But you also want a tap that looks great and matches the style of your kitchen. Maybe even dictating that style. Your kitchen taps can be a statement piece that are great to look at and even better to use.

This is why i is essential for you to take your time when choosing your new kitchen taps. It is a process you don’t want to rush, as replacing them is a cost you don’t need. Especially when you’re already paying to renovate or build. So to help you out on your quest for the perfect kitchen taps and mixers, we’ve put together a few key considerations to ponder before you take the plunge.


Before we get into the the practical side of things lets first look at the all important aesthetics that must be considered. If your renovating you’ll want to look for kitchen taps that enhance your existing style and help bring it to life. First step is to take a good look at your existing areas and understand what style you want to strive for overall.

Lets dive into an example. Say you have an ultra-contemporary style permeating throughout your home, you’ll want to match that with the correct tapware. Go for minimalist kitchen taps that are comprised of clean, sleek and sharp lines matched with a chrome shine finish. For those sticking to a more traditional aesthetic can opt for sloping curves and decorative details. Perhaps a two tap hot and cold fixture as opposed to a single lever mixer.


Kitchen taps can come in a variety of finishes with a heap of options available to choose from. The traditional shades of copper and brass. The contemporary stainless steel or polished chrome. The striking statements made by gunmetal and matte black. You can go all out on the finish you choose for your kitchen taps. One rule we like to follow is matching and blending your kitchen taps finish with your existing appliances and kitchen furniture. You want to create harmony in your kitchen space as most people spend a considerable amount of time there.

Shape & Size

The shape and size of your kitchen taps is the next thing to consider. The shape and size will dictate how pronounced your kitchen taps are in your space and a degree of the function they serve. Low profile kitchen taps keep things practical and contained to the sink area. Medium and high kitchen taps can provide that show stopping appeal rising high above your basin. This shape and size also accommodate large pots and pans so are good for those that have a whole tribe to feed. Think about how you plan to use your kitchen first to decide your size, then how you want it to look to decide the shape.


You’ll also have to consider how you intend to mount your kitchen taps. A lot of this comes down to the space your working with. Your options for mounting generally boil down to wall, bench or directly into the sink. Each have their pros and cons. Going with a wall mount will mean more bench space beneath your kitchen taps and the added bonus of being super easy to clean. Those who choose bench mounted gain a seamless look that will blend in with its environment perfectly. Kitchen taps mounted in the sink are great for those on a budget as they are generally cheaper as they are less expensive to install and replace.

Now you have a list of key considerations to ponder before making your decision, you should be poised to make the perfect choice of kitchen taps for your build or renovation. Head over to for a huge range to choose from and more help if you need it. Now comes the fun part. Happy choosing!


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