4 Must-Do Things That Will Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Every roof, regardless of the roofing material, is bound to need replacing at some point. How soon that will happen depends on the knowing the various measures to take that can help prolong the roof’s lifespan.

Point Of Caution:

But before delving deeper into the issue at hand, it is essential to give a point of caution. Most homeowners tend to have a Do-It-Yourself approach when trying to maintain their homes. However, they should exercise caution when handling roof work. Knowing your limitation regarding what you can do for your roof is a matter subject to the type of roofing in question. For instance, a flat roof poses not significant risks compared to a dormer roof.

Therefore, your DIY efforts in maximizing the life of your roof will face some limitations. Assess the level of safety of any of the work you intend to do on your roof before you embark. Nonetheless, the ideal thing is to let Cincinnati roofing services handle the job. They have the proper training and qualifications that make them better places to help you have a roof that offers you a flawless service for years to come. With that in mind, the following are the crucial things that can help in extending the life of your roof.

  1. Roof Cleaning

Never procrastinate when it comes to a roof cleaning job. Many people will think little about the potential risks of damage a dirty roof littered with debris faces. Such things collect on it over time, and the seasonal changes also present other issues such as the growth of moss and algae. Bird and animal dropping may cover the surface making it unsightly. The chill of the winter season, the heat of summer and the downpour when the rains come compound the risks.

Taking all these factors into account, it is easy to see the level of risk these present and the weightiness of their impact. Failure to commit to the cleaning job when the need arises means repairs may be required sooner than expected or even a roofing replacement. A rough cleaning can make all the difference regarding having a roof that looks presentable and has no issues for a long time.

The cleaning should be done by licensed and experienced roofing contractors since it may involve more than just hosing down the roofing material.  The removal of stains, moss, algae, or even plant growth may arise, and these require an expert approach. Polishing after cleaning is another benefit of hiring professional roof cleaning services.

  1. Routine Inspections

The notion that the implementation of measures that extend a roof’s life will involve money is wrong. Some of the preventive steps take, such as regular inspections, do not have to cost you a thing and they have profoundly beneficial results. It is possible to do the checks yourself (depending on the type and gradient of the roof).

Assuming you have a clear view of the surface of your roof, you can look for missing, chipped or warped shingles. Likewise, check for sagging roof lines, leaky gutters, mold, and algae growth as well as shingle granules in the gutters. Also, take the inspection inside the house and look at the ceiling as well as the attic checking for water stains and mold on the boards and the walls.

In as much as you will be done routine roofing inspection, this will only be helpful to some extent. You also need to plant for an annual in-depth examination which should be done by a certified roofing contractor. In most cases, the roofing experts have years of experience and thus can easily spot a problem that might have missed your eye.  If your home is located in an area hit by bad weather, then it is wise to have the professional inspection done twice.

  • Remove Snow And Dirt

It is no secret that bad weather does more harm than good to your homes, especially the roofs. To safeguard your roof from adverse impacts such as snow, you can have a roofer work on the roof to help reduce the amount of snow that collects on it as you also hire a snow removal company.

Such measures will limit the issues posed by the snow such as the stress it exerts when it collects on your roof as well as the ice dams that form that can damage the roofing materials. Keep this in mind when you notice that the snow is a lot, you should have the roof cleared of the snow if note the snowfall has reached about six inches.

Regarding dirt, it is easy to assume it perilousness since it can easily go unnoticed especially during the sunny months when the skies are clear. What you do not want is it causing corrosion if you have a metal roof, or it is creating the conditions necessary for unwanted plant growth. If you have a low ceiling that you can access using a ladder, then you can deal with this by hosing down the surface with a high-pressure pipe.

  1. Apply Roof Insulation

Insulating your roof is not just a measure that aims at reducing the energy bills, it does play a significant role in maximizing the life of your roof. Primarily, the insulation helps to reduce heat transference outside the house thus keeping the indoor environment at cool room temperature. With the right insulation, you significantly reduce the level of dependency on your HVAC system. Additionally, the insulation works in support of the optimal efficiency of the roof therein the prolongation of its lifespan. It shields the internal component of the roofing structure from moisture, rot, corrosion, and mold.

  1. Adequate Ventilation

Ventilation is also another undervalued aspect of having a functional roofing system for a long time. It works hand-in-hand with quality insulation. Proper ventilation should be in place to help in the management of humidity thus boosting the roofing system’s resistance to adverse weather conditions.

For instance, the installation of fans in the attic during the warm summer days can help in the circulation of indoor air thus reduce the amount of humidity cool the entire attic space. Adding several vents will also assist in the same regard. These measures should be done by reputable, experienced and licensed roofing contractors. They have the expertise to determine the best point to position the vents and fan to optimize their function and therein aid in the overall objective of extending the roof’s tenure.

All the above things can be summarized into the following; the need to have the roof routinely cleaned, inspected and the necessary repairs and upgrades done that will make it function without any costly problems for many years to come.


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