Exterior Wood Siding Offers Lasting Durability and Beauty to Your Home

As a homeowner, you might have noticed that your power bill usually spikes up during two particular periods of the year: summer and winter. Some would say that it is not surprising. After all, we live in a time of hotter summer months and colder winter days. That is what you will get with all the careless and profuse emission of CO2 to the atmosphere. There is no denying the fact that global warming is making some days hotter and some colder. But you cannot entirely blame it for your increasing power bill during summer and winter. Part of the problem may lie on the materials you have chosen to build your abode.

If you are intent on lowering the cost of your electricity, you should replace your exterior siding with exterior wood siding. Wood has low density and many cell cavities. Those cell cavities in a wood help in trapping air, which is an excellent thermal insulator. Because of the trapped air molecules in an exterior wood siding, a house will not easily get hot during summer or quickly turn cold during winter. So you will really save a lot of money from your electricity by simply getting exterior wood siding for your property.

Every material is capable of thermal insulation. Some are good thermal insulators while some are bad. If your house gets hot easily during summer and quickly gets cold during winter, then it is highly possible that your house is made of bad thermal insulators.

The material of your roof greatly affects thermal insulation in your house. If you have a roof that is a poor thermal insulator, then that might be one of the big reasons for the high power cost you always get on summers and winters. But it does not all depend on the roofing material. Another main factor that may affect your house’s thermal insulation is your exterior siding material.

And that is not the end of it. Aside from good thermal insulation, you will also get other excellent benefits from wood siding.

We all know that it is annoying when a neighbor’s outdoor party becomes too noisy. You may not have thought about it, but your siding material greatly affects how much noise can get inside your house. Sound is transmitted through vibrations. Therefore, one of the best ways to minimize that loud, irritating noise from your neighbor’s booming sound system is to prevent vibrations from getting inside your house. That can be effectively done if you have wood siding. Wood has a porous internal cellular network that effectively damps vibrations and provides good sound insulation. With this siding, you can be sure that you can keep the serenity inside your house intact even if your neighbors party all night long.

One more great benefit that you will get with wood siding on the exterior of your house is the longevity factor. As much as possible, we homeowners want to have durable siding material. Of course, who would like to replace his property’s siding from time to time? When durability is concerned, you can expect much more lasting durability from exterior wood siding. It will take more than 30 years before you will need to replace your wood siding.


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